Affordable Medical Aid

Help us crowdsource information about the Late Joiner Penalty

The Medical Aid Bible team has been listening to some of our wonderful site users, and we have heard horror stories about how some of you are being overcharged for the Late Joiner Penalty. This enticed us to investigate how each scheme handles the penalty. We found some big irregularities.

Medical Schemes Act

The Medical Schemes Act cites its purpose as To consolidate the laws relating to registered medical schemes; to provide for the establishment of the Council for Medical Schemes as a juristic person; to provide for the appointment of the Registrar of Medical Schemes; to make provision for the registration...

How does your medical aid cover a mammogram?

October is breast cancer awareness month, and therefore it's a good time as any to investigate how your medical aid covers a mammogram. Below we list all the plans for which schemes pay for mammograms.

Medical Aid contributions increases for 2017

From the look of things thus far, 2017 will see a hefty increase in premium contributions across all medical aid schemes. Certainly, the schemes that have already reported their increase at the time of this post (Oct 4) have all increased their premiums by more than the CPI index
Affordable Medical Aid

Affordable Medical Aid – yes, it DOES exist!

Did you know that the cheapest open medical aid plan in South Africa costs R212pm, and that the cheapest Discovery medical aid plan is R290pm? Granted, these plans are income based. Find out more.