About rehealth.co.za

Our Mission:

To help South Africans choose the best healthcare cover for themselves or their employees. We do this by providing comprehensive, impartial and easily comparable information on the benefits of medical aid, gap cover, medical insurance and other health cover options, as well as by educating the membership-base on their rights as set out by the various Acts.

Our Vision:

Rehealth has two distinct but connected visions for our future: To be the most recognised source of credible and impartial information on private health cover options, and to advocate for realistic and viable policies to ensure access to world class healthcare for all South Africans.

Chat to us!

We love to hear from users of this website who have constructive criticism. We need to make this site as easy to use, and as useful as we possible can. Feel free to drop us an email on help@rehealth.co.za. We read and respond to each one!

If you are in the healthcare or healthcare cover business, and want to chat to us, drop us an email at help@rehealth.co.za. Eve D, our founder, is particularly interested in connecting with people and businesses who share her vision of transparency in the industry.