We have worked closely with Ambledown Financial Services to develop three unique gap products that offer the perfect balance of benefits and price. These products are unique to rehealth.co.za and are sold by MC De Villiers brokerage (FSP NO. 7241). You can apply for them online.

Benefit Red Yellow Blue
Shortfall benefit
Pays up to 500% scheme rate for in-hospital services
No Yes Yes
Co-payment benefit
Pays for in-hospital co-payments and out-of hospital MRI and CT scan co-payments
Yes No Yes
Sublimit benefit
Enhances sublimits for in-hospital procedures as necessary
Yes No Yes
Cancer benefit
Covers all co-payments or increases sublimits, with a R200,000 excess (paid by medical aid)
Yes Yes Yes
ER benefit
R20,000 per person per year for emergencies and accidents
Yes Yes Yes
Dread disease benefit Optional Optional Optional
Premium Waiver benefit Optional Optional Optional
Price per family
(oldest member is younger than 65 yrs)
R120 R240 R280
Price per family
(oldest member is 65 yrs or older)
R180 R360 R420

We have already chosen the best gap option for each open medical aid plan in South Africa. Please ask us which gap matches with your plan, or find your plan using the scheme links in the menu above to see the gap cover match.

Other articles about AskAdam gap cover

For more information on the gap product, please read the articles below, or contact us with any questions.

The AskAdam gap products are not a medical scheme, and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. The policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership. The master policy issued is the source of all benefits, and obligations and exclusions.

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