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Discovery Comprehensive plans

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What is a comprehensive plan?

A comprehensive plan is a plan that has extended benefits, and is at the top range of all medical aid plans. It will be the most expensive plan offered by a scheme, and will often come with an Above Threshold Benefit. Therefore, there might also be a self payment gap in addition to your monthly premium.

You can expect to get good cover for out of hospital expenses on a comprehensive plan, and top cover for oncology and other severe illnesses.

Differences between the plans, in brief

Classic plans pay a 200% scheme rate and have some higher benefit limits than the Essential plans which pay at 100% scheme rate for specialists. (You might want to read our article, Is paying more for a 200% scheme rate worth it? )

Delta plans are identical to the non-Delta plans, except that you are limited to network hospitals. You can view the network hospital here.

The Executive and Comprehensive series are the top range Discovery plans. They have excellent benefits both in and out of hospital. There is a savings account for daily expenses. Once that runs out, you have a substantial self payment gap which you need to pay out of pocket. Once that self payment gap has been paid by you, Discovery will once again cover your out of hospital bills, from the Above Threshold benefit. In theory this is an unlimited benefit, but in practice there are limits which you should carefully consider for your individual situation. Our brokers can help you do that, for free.

The Priority series has lower benefits than the fully Comprehensive series, and there are co-payments to consider. Similarly to the above plans, there is a savings account and a self payment gap, as well as an Above Threshold Benefit. However, this Above Threshold Benefit has a limit. Once that limit is reached, you are back to paying out of pocket for day to day expenses. Also look out for how MRI/CT scans are covered, and the co-payments. You can view the full benefits for Classic Priority and Essential Priority.

The Smart Comprehensive plan is a new plan for Discovery for 2020, and is meant to replace the old Comprehensive Zero MSA plan. The plan offers no savings account, but once you have paid a certain amount for out of hospital expenses from pocket, you will get a Limited Above Threshold benefit, where Discovery will cover the claims.

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