Discovery Health: Covid-19 and International Travel Benefit

Details of how Discovery Health's International Travel benefit applies to Covid-19 cases, repatriation and forced quarantine
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Claims while traveling abroad will be covered from the International Travel benefit (ITB), if this benefit is available on your chosen health plan. All benefit rules related to cover from the ITB will still apply.

Note that KeyCare Plans do not offer cover for healthcare services abroad.


The International Travel Benefit (ITB) and Africa Evacuation Benefit cover transport or evacuation to the nearest medical facility if you need emergency medical treatment only. Repatriation back to SA will be covered where the Scheme requests you to be repatriated for emergency medical treatment within the 90 days of cover.

Where there is no medical need to be repatriated back to SA, the Scheme cannot cover travelling expenses as these are not considered healthcare expenses.

How am I covered outside the 90-day cover period of the ITB?

Outside the 90 days of cover you will have access to cover in accordance with your chosen health plan at the SA equivalent cost for treatment you would have had if it occurred in SA. This includes cover for COVID-19 healthcare services if needed unless due to forced quarantine or travel restrictions.

If you are in a forced quarantine by law or for medical reasons or are unable to return to SA due to travel restrictions, your cover will be extended beyond the 90 days. For forced quarantine cases, the Scheme will extend your cover by the suggested quarantine period of 14 days. Cover will only be extended beyond the 90 days on good cause shown that there was no opportunity to return to SA in the case of travel restrictions.

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This information was sourced directly from a Discovery Health publication, and does not reply on our own independent research. Always consult your scheme and broker to confirm benefits and regulations, and do not treat any information on as a “final say” on any matter.

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