Discovery Health: Covid-19 Home Monitoring

Details of how Discovery Health helps at risk Covid-19 patients with home monitoring devices and how this is covered on your plan
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To provide better home monitoring for qualifying at-risk COVID-19 positive members, Discovery Health Medical Scheme will fund a pulse oximeter to measure blood oxygen levels and reduce the potential risk of silent hypoxia.

(Hypoxia is a condition regularly associated with severe respiratory illnesses, such as pneumonia. It’s characterised by a low blood oxygen saturation level, and typically, a person with hypoxia has visible difficulty breathing and may be in pain. Silent hypoxia is hypoxia without the visible symptoms and it’s unusually common amongst COVID-19 patients.)

If you are eligible for this benefit, the Scheme will proactively reach out to you to inform you of the benefit and Discovery will contact you to confirm a convenient time to deliver the device to your place of residence.

Funding for this device is subject to a limit of one device per family.

If you buy your device, and do not receive it via Discovery’s network provider, cover for the device will be subject to your available day-to-day benefits, or for your own expense.

Can I access this benefit if I have not been diagnosed with COVID-19?

For unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 and for positive members who do not meet the Scheme’s clinical eligibility criteria, funding of a registered oximeter will be from available day-to-day benefits subject to the External Medical Items (EMI) limit, where applicable.

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This information was sourced directly from a Discovery Health publication, and does not reply on our own independent research. Always consult your scheme and broker to confirm benefits and regulations, and do not treat any information on as a “final say” on any matter.

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