Discovery: Home Care

What is the Discovery Home Care service?

Home careDiscovery Home Care is a service provider that offers home-based care for end-of-life care, IV infusions, wound treatment and post-natal care.

You can receive care in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your home, instead of (for example) the hospital. The services are provided by professional nurses.

Can I use it to shorten my hospital stay?

It’s possible that your hospital stay can either be shortened or avoided all together if you use the service. Certain treatment can be provided in a home environment under the supervision of professional nurses.

Where is the service available?

Discovery Home Care services are available in Gauteng, Cape Town, and KwaZulu-Natal. Selected services are available in Port Elizabeth.

How do I sign up for the benefit?

Certain criteria need to be met before the services available through Discovery Home Care will be
paid for, just like in the case of hospital admissions. This will ensure that appropriate medical care is
paid for from your relevant medical scheme benefits, including the Hospital Benefit, Advanced IllnessBenefit and the Compassionate Care Benefit.

You therefore need to apply for the service.

How are the services paid for?

  • End-of-life care: This is paid from your Compassionate Care Benefit, and there are lifetime limits to this benefit.
  • IV-infusions: These are paid from your hospital benefit, if approved. The treatment includes the administration of IV antibiotics, iron treatment, enzymes, steroids, rehydration fluids and immunoglobulins if your condition is stable and hospital admission is not required.
  • Wound-care: This could be paid from your hospital benefit, if approved (in lieu of hospitalization, for example). The treatment includes wound care for venous ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, pressure sores and other moderate to severe wounds if your condition is stable and hospital admission is not required.
  • Post-natal care: This type of care will be paid from the Hospital Benefit if funding is approved. Care includes home visits for healthy mothers, and their babies, if they choose to be discharged a day early from hospital. This service includes three day visits by a midwife, within a six-week postnatal period.