Discovery: Saver plans

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Discovery Saver plans

To view the full benefits and prices of the Discovery comprehensive plans, click below.

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What is a Saver plan?

A saver plan is almost identical to a hospital plan (in Discovery’s case that would be the Core series), but with a savings account that pays for some of your out-of-hospital claims.

It is important to understand that the savings account is your money, paid by you every month as part of your premium. There is no “extra” money added to the savings account by Discovery. The only real advantage to the Saver plans is that you get the full year of “savings premium” available in January.

If you use up your Savings account before the end of the year, the remaining out of hospital claims must be paid out of pocket, unless they are for PMBs, (prescribed Minimum benefits), in which case at least a big chunk of those claims should be paid by Discovery, in accordance with their protocols.

Is there a disadvantage to a savings account? There could be. You lose some control of how your out-of-hospital bills are paid, since the money is debited by the scheme as claims are made. You might see your savings disappearing faster than expected. We have seen very, very often that claims that should have been paid by the scheme are paid by the savings account (not just Discovery, other schemes too). If you had to pay those claims directly by EFT or credit card, you would have a stronger opportunity to question their validity and size. With a savings account, the onus is on you to “reconcile” your account against claims, and this can be very admin intensive.

Differences between the Saver plans, in brief

Classic plans pay a 200% scheme rate and have some higher benefit limits than the Essential plans which pay at 100% scheme rate for specialists. (You might want to read our article, Is paying more for a 200% scheme rate worth it? )

Delta plans are almost identical to the non-Delta plans, except that you are limited to network hospitals. You can view the network hospital here.

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Discovery medical aid: Saver Plans’ prices

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