Find your medical aid plan by scheme

A list of all the open medical aid schemes in South Africa with links to all the plans, costs and benefits for your specific plan.
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Need to find a medical aid?

If you do not have medical aid or insurance yet, we can help you find the right plan! Simply tell us what your needs are, how much you can afford and how big your family is, and we will send you 3 plans in a side-by-side comparison so you can start your research.

Already have medical aid?

If you already have medical aid and want to find your plan and its benefits, click on your scheme below. You will see a list of all the plans your scheme offers, and can view all the costs and benefits for your specific plan.

If you need help managing your plan, or want to hire a broker to help you (this is free of charge to you!) we can help you.

Don’t forget you can also compare your plan to any other.

List of open medical aid schemes in South Africa, featured by



Cape Medical





Health Squared









Don’t see your scheme?

If you don’t see your scheme above, it is probably because your scheme is a closed scheme, or a medical insurance. A closed scheme is open to only certain employer groups and is not open to the public. We do not list closed schemes on

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Find your perfect medical aid:

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