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Isn’t it time that South African patients had one simple place to find the healthcare services that they need and that are relevant to them?

Isn’t it time that you had one simple place where you could find your future patients or customers?

Stop relying on Google, Facebook or Instagram to connect with patients and customers who are already looking for you.

We have already helped over 350,000 South Africans research the right medical aid and insurance for them. Let us help them find the right healthcare now!

Sign up today! Not only do you get a 50% launch-discount, but the sooner you sign up, the higher you appear in search results. – ahead of your competition.

50% discount

To promote the new directory, we have discounted listings by 50%. Pay only R750 for the full year

Free listing in Boost!

All launch-phase sign-ups get a guaranteed free line listing in our new magazine, Boost! (Avlb late Jan 2021)

Free Article or Interview

Every launch-phase listing gets an interview or article about the person or the business, that will appear on front page of site

Top Result Ranking

We list search results by relevance and the order of sign up. If you sign up first in your category, you will appear on top of search results for a whole year.

Full information

Your listing page is indexed by our site and Google. Include relevant information about your services and expertise. We can link to any offsite content you may have.

Payment Details

Our users are particularly interested to hear if a practice or business claims directly from the medical aid or if they need to pay upfront. Include this information on your listing.

Links to videos and articles

Content marketing is the most important way to promote your healthcare business. We have experts on staff who help you do this! And if you already have content (videos, articles etc) we help you promote it.


If you have an address, your listing will have a map. Users will also be able to search by distance from them (coming soon).

All launch-phase signups get a listing in Boost magazine!

  • First for South Africa!

    The only health magazine dedicate to South African healthcare and health cover

  • Coming in March 2021!

    Right in time to be a well-thumbed reference for 2021 healthcare options

  • Digital and Printed!

    The magazine will be available on all good newsstands as well as a digital file - maximising its distribution.

Individual Listing

R 850 per year
  • One person / business per listing
  • Links to your video and other content that you created
  • One in-house article or interview
  • Free listing in Boost magazine
  • Verified Badge on our Forums
Launch Price

The Healthcare Directory includes:

Medical care for household staff

GPs, Dentists, cardiologists, oncologists, obstetricians, neurosurgeons, physicians, oncologists, urologists, ENTs, paediatricians, surgeons and more!


Audiologists, dieticians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, biokineticists, optometrists and more! 


Medico-legal advice, teeth whitening, nursing care, DNA analysis, Body Scans, Stem cell storage,  and more


We encourage you to include at least the basics: contact information, payment information, contracted medical aids if any and basic introduction to your services. 

But you can also include up to 5 links to "outside" content such as videos, articles, websites and more. 

Your listing can be up to 500 words, and is written by our in-house marketing team to ensure maximum value for both you and our users. 

You are welcome to link to videos or articles. Although we do not host these ourselves, we are happy to link to YouTube, your website or another online property. 

To promote our directory during launch phase, we would love to interview you or your team. The rehealth team will conduct the interview, and will host it on our site. It will appear on the home page on the day it goes live. 

The interview can be a written piece or a Zoom-video. We will host it on our channel. 


You are welcome to add multiple listing. If you are submitting more than 5 professionals, using our corporate pricing will save you money, so please contact us. 

Multiple listings can be submitted as a spreadsheet. 

If you are a sole practitioner working from multiple locations, you can list multiple addresses (up to 3) but only one will be the "primary" address.