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How do gap covers work?

Paying for shortfalls If you have an in-hospital procedure, very often you will have to pay for services out of pocket, even if you have...

Pregnancy cover if you don’t have medical aid

One of the most common questions we get asked is from expectant mothers, who don't have medical aid and want to know if they...

Is your late joiner penalty worked out correctly?

We have found that some schemes and brokers misrepresent or miscalculate how the late joiner penalty is applied. We have laid three complaints with the Council of Medical Schemes. If you are paying a late joiner penalty, you can use the information on this page to determine if you are paying the correct penalty.

How day-to-day benefit works (savings, threshold, etc)

Savings With plans that have a savings facility as part of the day-to-day benefit, you get an annual allowance, known as your savings account. It...

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