What we do at rehealth

rehealth’s mission is to help you find the right medical aid or medical cover for your needs. We believe that being well informed about the medical aid industry as a whole, and specific benefits of plans is the first step to making the right cover choice for you and your family.

Thus, we publish the benefits for open medical aid plans, and discuss the rules and the law of the industry. We are not medical aid brokers or financial service providers, but we will connect you with partner brokers as necessary.

What we don’t do

    There are three things we don’t do:
  • We don’t offer individual advice. To receive individual advice you will need to appoint one of our partner brokers. This will not cost you anything extra.
  • We don’t show preference for any specific medical aid scheme or plan. That’s because we believe a plan should be matched to your individual, unique needs. And no one knows what those needs are better than you. We are happy to steer you in the right direction, though!
  • Due to logistics and volume, we don’t communicate with our users via the phone. You can always email us!
    So, for example, we will not answer questions such as:
  • What’s the best medical aid if I suffer from fibromyalgia?
  • What medical aid plan should I choose for my elderly mother?
  • Please get my medical aid to pay this claim
  • Which plan is better, Plan A or Plan B?
    But we can:
  • Explain what to look for when choosing a plan with a specific health issue in mind
  • Suggest some clever ways of how to choose a medical aid for an elderly person
  • Explain what claims need to be paid by any scheme, and at what rate
  • Suggest how to best compare plans so that your health needs are met

But what if you need individual help?

We strongly recommend using our site and familiarising yourself with the industry before you commit to a scheme or a plan. We can help point you in the right direction by suggesting some plans for you to look at.

Once you have done that, we then strongly recommend that you work with a broker to ensure your final choice is the best one for you. Our carefully chosen partner brokers will work with you through the application process, and you will receive additional support from rehealth as well.

How much will the broker cost me?

Your medical aid will pay the broker, not you. So there is never any extra charge to you for having a broker.

How can a broker help me?

Our partner brokers, working together with rehealth, are able to:

  • Assess your current medical aid needs and map them against available plans
  • Review your current medical aid plan against your medical needs
  • Optimize your financial obligation to your medical needs
  • Match your plan to the most appropriate gap cover
  • Help you with unpaid claims
  • Explain the nuances of your plan’s benefits
  • Provide all admin support such as adding dependants, changing plans, applying for chronic cover
  • Ensure that you are using your medical aid plan optimally
  • Represent you with discussions with your medical aid, where they may not be meeting their obligations
  • Ensure you pay the correct Late Joiner Penalty

How do I appoint a broker?

You can appoint a broker with an online form, available on our site.

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