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PMBs: Mental Conditions

MENTAL ILLNESS CODECONDITIONTREATMENT 182T Abuse or dependence on Psychoactive substance, including alcohol Hospital-based management up to 3 weeks/year 910T Acute...

List of the 27 CDL (PMB) Chronic conditions

Chronic PMB conditions PMB (Prescribed Minimum Benefits), including chronic PMB conditions, are conditions that any medical aid needs to pay for, regardless of what plan...

Pregnancy cover if you don’t have medical aid

"I'm pregnant but not covered by medical aid. Can I join now?" One of the most common questions we get asked is from expectant mothers,...

Is your late joiner penalty worked out correctly?

We have found that some schemes and brokers misrepresent or miscalculate how the late joiner penalty is applied. We have laid three complaints with the Council of Medical Schemes. If you are paying a late joiner penalty, you can use the information on this page to determine if you are paying the correct penalty.

Should a medical aid scheme pay for experimental treatment?

Should medical schemes fund experimental treatments if they are a member's only option for survival?

All about PMBs, and how schemes have to pay for them

PMBs are 270 conditions that schemes have to cover without requiring co-payments or savings from you, even if the treatment is provided out-of-hospital. This applies to every plan.
Affordable Medical Aid

Affordable Medical Aid – yes, it DOES exist!

Affordable medical aid for everyone There are plenty of affordable medical aid plans in South Africa. Did you know that you can get a Momentum...

All the jargon explained

DSP A Designated Service Provider (DSP) is a healthcare provider (doctor, pharmacist, hospital, etc) that is a medical scheme’s first choice when its members need...