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Dr Gail Jacklin

021 683 1393

Audiologist. Cape Town.

Focus areas: Screening, Diagnostics, Hearing Aids, Hearing protection

Hospital Affiliations: Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic

Cost and Payment information for consults:

Cost, 1st consult: R1,200 (approximate)
Payment options for consults: Patient pays upfront, claims from medical aid later
Contracted Medical Aids: None
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Contact details:

Phone: 021 683 1393
Address: 113 Constantiaberg Medi-Clinic Burnham Rd Plumstead
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More about Dr Gail Jacklin

Dr Gail Jacklin graduated from Wits University and is a registered audiologist.

She started her working career in Cape Town. There she extended her clinical and academic experience by working at Groote Schuur Hospital, and lecturing to the Logopaedics students who were the first class to graduate from UCT.

In 1979 she returned to Johannesburg, where she initially worked at Baragwanath Hospital and later joined and become a partner in the extensive Audiology Clinic group of private practices. During this time she was part of a team involved in the early introduction of cochlear implantation in South Africa.

In 1994 the mountain and shores of the Mother City called Dr Jaclin back and she opened private practices in Constantiaberg Medi Clinic that year, and at Kingsbury Hospital in 1995.

Gail committed herself to establishing private practices which strove to be uniquely personal and patient-oriented, and offered a high quality of service. At the same time she extended the depth of audiology services available in the southern suburbs by initiating the Cape Peninsula Infant Hearing Screening Programme and an electrophysiological assessment facility.

Gail has served on the SASHLA ethics committee and has chaired the Western Cape branch of SAAA.

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