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Dr Hannah Norton

072 433 4687

Homeopath. Midrand.

Focus areas: Homeopathy, iridology, Biopuncture,

Hospital Affiliations: Independent of hospitals

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Contact details:

Phone: 072 433 4687
Address: Physical Address: 109 (Plot 52) Elevation Avenue Randjesfontein,
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More about Dr Hannah Norton

As a passionate and dedicated healthcare practitioner, I feel it is my duty to provide my patients with the best care possible. I have a holistic approach to treatment and I strive to encompass all areas pertaining to the health and well-being of my patients. Whether I am the primary healthcare professional overseeing an individual patient’s treatment or I form part of a multi-disciplinary approach, the question I always ask myself is: What is best for this patient?

I believe that mental and physical well-being is as individual and unique to each person as his or her own fingerprints; as such, an individual seeking medical help must take responsibility for his or her own health and make the necessary lifestyle choices to aid in the attainment and the maintenance of good health.

We all lead different lives, we all have different health issues, and we all have our own personal journeys to take; I feel that through a dynamic, working partnership between patient and practitioner, the journey to optimum health and happiness can be a path taken together.

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