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Julia Wright

011 880 4719

Biokineticist. Joburg.

Focus areas: Treatment of progressive neurological disorders, post-operative rehabilitation after joint replacements and ligament reconstruction

Hospital Affiliations: Independent of hospitals

Cost and Payment information for consults:

Cost, 1st consult: R660 (approximate)
Payment options for consults: Patient pays upfront, claims from medical aid later
Practice claims from medical aid
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Contact details:

Phone: 011 880 4719
Address: 1 West Kernick Ave, Melrose North
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More about Julia Wright

Julia Wright attained a BSc Sports Science, followed by her Honours in Biokinetics, at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

She joined Hannah’s private practice in Melrose North in 2010. Julia has a keen interest in the treatment of progressive neurological disorders as well as post-operative rehabilitation after joint replacements and ligament reconstruction. She enjoys working with the growing ageing population, particularly in fall prevention and in improving general quality of life through functional strengthening and dynamic balance training. She places an emphasis on body awareness and proprioception, and enjoys educating patients about how the body can compensate due to muscle imbalances.

Julia is an active 4th Degree Black Belt in the Korean martial art of Taekwon-Do and has been teaching since 2004.

What patients have told us:

  • Practice claims directly from medical aid for sessions held in retirement villages

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