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Tarryn Richardson

(011) 745 6774

Audiologist. Joburg.

Focus areas: Tinnitus

Hospital Affiliations: Independent of hospitals

Cost and Payment information for consults:

Cost, 1st consult: R1,200 (approximate)
Payment options for consults: Patient pays upfront, claims from medical aid later
Practice claims from medical aid
Contracted Medical Aids: Most medical aids
Note: This information is here as a guideline, and needs to be confirmed by patient at time of making appointment. Not all medical aids are accepted by all doctors. Consult fees can include tests and other extras. Do you have more accurate information? Let us know!

Contact details:

Phone: (011) 745 6774
Address: Intercare Fourways Medical Centre Corner of Fourways Boulevard & Short Street, Witkoppen
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More about Tarryn Richardson

Tarryn Richardson opened her practice at Intercare Fourways in 2008, following completion of her degree in Audiology at UCT.

She is one of the few internationally trained tinnitus specialists in South Africa.

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