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List of PMB conditions: Respiratory

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PMB list

Below is a list of the PMB condition treatment pairs for Brain and Nervous System.. Your medical aid has to pay for the treatment, and cannot use funds from your savings, even if the treatment is given out-of-hospital.

To see the rest of the 270 PMB conditions, please see our “List of PMBs” page.

For an explanation of general treatments (example: “Medical Management”) please read our explainer.


903D Bacterial, viral, fungal pneumonia Medical management, ventilation
158D # Respiratory failure, regardless of cause # Medical management; oxygen; ventilation
157D Acute asthmatic attack; pneumonia due to respiratory syncytial virus in persons under age 3 Medical management
125D Adult respiratory distress syndrome; inhalation and aspiration pneumonias Medical management; ventilation
315D Atelectasis (collapse of lung) Medical and surgical management; ventilation
340D Benign neoplasm of respiratory and intrathoracic organs Biopsy; lobectomy; Medical management; radiation therapy
950D Cancer of lung, bronchus, pleura, trachea, mediastinum & other respiratory organs – treatable Medical and surgical management, which includes chemotherapy and radiation therapy
170D Empyema and abscess of lung Medical and surgical management
934D Frank haemoptysis Medical and surgical management
203D Hypoplasia and dysplasia of lung Medical and surgical management
900D Open fracture of ribs and sternum; multiple rib fractures; flail chest Medical and surgical management, ventilation
5D Pneumothorax and haemothorax Tube thoracostomy / thoracotomy

To see the rest of the 270 PMB conditions, please see our “List of PMBs” page.

How does your medial aid plan cover this benefit?

What you see above is the minimum level of cover for each condition. Medical aids can offer more benefits than the limits above.

To see how your plan pays out for a condition, find your plan here, and view your plan’s full benefits.

You can also compare any two medical aid plans side by side, to see which one suits your needs best.

Remember, a medical aid can still impose conditions on how PMBs are treated. For example, the scheme can impose network service providers (DSPs), a medicine formulary or even require that you be treated in a state hospital. You can read a full explanation on how medical aids must pay for PMBs here.

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