All the 2024 medical aid plans

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Medshield Scheme has 8 regular medical aid plans and no capitated plans. All the plans are listed below, in order of price. Click on the plan name to view full benefits.

Note: “Compact” refers to plans that are networked, and that limit you to certain hospitals. They are cheaper than the regular Medshield plans.

Regular Plans, by price

Plans are listed by increasing price. For income-based (capitated) plans, if any, see below.
Looking for another scheme? We have all the plans for all the open medical aid schemes. You can find them here.

Some notes:
  • When you click on the plan name, you will see the detailed costs, as well as all the benefits that plan offers.
  • Price is not a good indicator of value. Different schemes pay for different things, and a more expensive plan can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Nevertheless, if you prefer, you can search for a medical aid by price.
Main: Adult: Child: Hospitals:
MediCurve R 1,584 R 1,584 R 1584 Network View all benefits
MediPhila R 1,851 R 1851 R 477 Network View all benefits
Medivalue Compact R 2,478 R 2,166 R 696 Network View all benefits
MediValue R 2,736 R 2,388 R 771 Network View all benefits
MediCore R 3,474 R 2,940 R 801 Network View all benefits
Mediplus Compact R 4,125 R 2,943 R 927 Network View all benefits
MediSaver R 4,524 R 3,747 R 1,101 Network View all benefits
MediPlus R 4,539 R 3,240 R 1,017 Network View all benefits
MediBonus R 7,587 R 5,328 R 1,578 Any Hospital View all benefits
Premium Plus R 7,842 R 7,185 R 1,500 Any hospital View all benefits
This scheme does not have capitated plans.

You’ll get the printable guide as well as a weekly newsletter 🙂
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