Keyhealth: All the 2022 medical aid plans

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Keyhealth Medical Aid Plans

All the scheme's non-capitated Plans, by price

Below is a full list of the scheme's medical aid plans, listed by increasing price.
For income-based plans, if any, see below.
Looking for another scheme? We have all the plans for all the open medical aid schemes. You can find them here.

Some notes:
  • When you click through to a plan, you will see the detailed costs, as well as all the benefits that plan offers.
  • Price is not a good indicator of value. Different schemes pay for different things, and a more expensive plan can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Nevertheless, if you prefer, you can search for a medical aid by price.
Main: Adult: Child: Hospitals:
Essence R 1,697 R 1,360 R 612 Network View all benefits
Origin R 1,939 R 1,381 R 631 Network View all benefits
Equilibrium R 2,368 R 1,463 R 727 Network View all benefits
Silver R 4,084 R 2,197 R 852 Network View all benefits
Gold R 5,977 R 4,042 R 1173 Network View all benefits
Platinum R 9,264 R 6,747 R 2,031 Network View all benefits
This scheme does not have capitated plans.
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