Medimed: All the 2022 medical aid plans

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Medimed Medical Aid plans

All the scheme's Plans, by price

Below is a full list of the scheme's medical aid plans, listed by increasing price.
Looking for another scheme? We have all the plans for all the open medical aid schemes. You can find them here.

Some notes:
  • Plans that have single letters in the name (Medplan A, Medplan B) are income-based plans, which means that the less you earn you the less you pay for that plan.
  • When you click through to a plan, you will see the detailed costs, as well as all the benefits that plan offers.
  • Price is not a good indicator of value. Different schemes pay for different things, and a more expensive plan can actually end up saving you money in the long run. Nevertheless, if you prefer, you can search for a medical aid by price.
Main Adult Child Hospitals
Alpha R 1,400 R 1,400 R 480 View all benefits
Essential A R 1,400 R 1,400 R 480 View all benefits
Essential B R 1,710 R 1,710 R 500 View all benefits
Standard A R 2,060 R 2,060 R 470 View all benefits
Essential C R 2,080 R 2,080 R 540 View all benefits
Standard B R 2,160 R 2,160 R 510 View all benefits
Essential D R 2,470 R 2,470 R 570 View all benefits
Standard C R 2,540 R 2,540 R 560 View all benefits
Standard D R 2,760 R 2,760 R 590 View all benefits
Max A R 3,540 R 3,540 R 650 View all benefits
Max B R 3,830 R 3,830 R 670 View all benefits
Max C R 4,040 R 4,040 R 730 View all benefits
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