Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme: 2017

Bonitas Medical Aid Scheme has 8 unique plans, one of which also offers a Network option (Standard Select). There are no income based plans.

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A quick summary of all the Bonitas plans, including cost per member and families. Click on plan to get more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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What we do at rehealth rehealth’s mission is to help you find the right medical aid...

All about PMBs, and how schemes have to pay for them

PMBs are 270 conditions that schemes have to cover without requiring co-payments or savings from you, even if the treatment is provided out-of-hospital. This applies to every plan.

How do I complain about a medical aid issue?

"I have a complaint about how my medical aid handled my claim. What do I...

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DSP A Designated Service Provider (DSP) is a healthcare provider (doctor, pharmacist, hospital, etc) that is...