Bestmed: All the 2018 medical aid plans

A quick summary of all the Bestmed plans, including cost per member and families. Click on plan to get more information.

Bestmed Pace 3B medical aid plan: 2018

This plans has been discontinued for 2018. See below for similar.

Medical Aid 101

How to use this site

We know the medical aid industry is complicated, and the information presented on this site can be overwhelming. Hopefully this page will be a...

All about PMBs, and how schemes have to pay for them

PMBs are 270 conditions that schemes have to cover without requiring co-payments or savings from you, even if the treatment is provided out-of-hospital. This applies to every plan.

How medical aids work

A brief introduction to how medical aids work, the different types of plans, and their obligation to cover out-of-hospital expenses for certain conditions, regardless of plan type.