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Discovery: Core plans

Discovery Core plans To view the full benefits and prices of the Discovery saver plans, click below. Classic Core Classic Delta Core Essential Core Essential Delta Core Coastal Core What is a Discovery Core plan? A core plan is essentially a hospital plan. Aside from some PMB benefits, you are responsible for all out-of-hospital claims from...

Discovery: Saver plans

Discovery Saver plans To view the full benefits and prices of the Discovery comprehensive plans, click below. Classic Saver Classic Delta Saver Essential Saver Essential Delta Saver Coastal Saver What is a Saver plan? A saver plan...
Medical care for household staff

Discovery: medical cover for household staff (Primary Care)

Private medical cover for your household staff One of the most exciting things announced at Discovery's 2020 Product update event was their new Primary Care medical cover for household staff. In a nutshell, for R249 per month you can ensure that your housekeeper and/or gardener (or other household employee) have...
Keycare casualty hospitals

Discovery: Keycare Casualty Hospitals

On KeyCare Plus you are covered in any network casualty unit at one of the KeyCare network hospitals (see below). You have to pay the first R355 of the consultation and cover is subject to authorisation. (This co-payment might be covered by your gap. Speak to us if you...
Keycare Start Networkk Hospitals

Discovery: Keycare Network, partial cover

Listed are the partial cover network hospitals on the Discovery Keycare Core and Keycare Plus plans.
Discovery Comprehensive

Discovery: Comprehensive plans

Discovery Comprehensive plans To view the full benefits and prices of the Discovery comprehensive plans, click below. Executive Classic Comprehensive Classic Delta Comprehensive Essential Comprehensive Essential Delta Comprehensive Classic Priority Essential Priority Classic Smart Comprehensive What is a comprehensive plan? A comprehensive plan is a plan that has extended benefits, and is at the top range of all medical...

Discovery Medical Aid: Knowledge Base

We have an extensive knowledge base on Discovery Medical Aid, if you want to read up about the ins-and-outs of the scheme. The main articles are listed below (organised by topic), but you can also check out our Discovery category and tags for our latests posts, or use the...
Home care

Discovery: Home Care

Discovery Home Care is a service provider that offers home-based care for end-of-life care, IV infusions, wound treatment and post-natal care.
medical aid frail care

Discovery: Compassionate Care Benefit

The Compassionate Care benefit (otherwise known as CCB) is an "add-on" provided by Discovery to all their medical aid members with advanced illnesses that require palliative care.

Medical Aid FAQs