Discovery: Advanced Illness Benefit

What is the Advanced Illness Benefit?

medical aid frail careThe Advanced Illness benefit (otherwise known as AIB) is an “add-on” provided by Discovery to all their medical aid members who have advanced cancer.

The AIB benefit provides palliative care in the comfort of the patients house, or in a hospice facility.

The care is provided by a multidisciplinary team, in partnership with the Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa. It can include, for example, a full time nurse to stay with the patient at their house.

What you get from the Advanced Illness Benefit:

  • A dedicated care coordinator, who is a registered nurse, will support you and your family and will work closely with your GP and/or specialist to ensure you receive the best of care at all times.
  • Members registered on the Advanced Illness Benefit and their family will have access to counselling services for support during this difficult time.
  • Members registered on the AIB will have access to personalised home-based care services such as oxygen, pain management and home nursing, subject to authorisation and managed care criteria.

How does Discovery pay for the benefits covered?

These costs will not affect your day-to-day benefits, and will be paid at the Discovery Health Rate from the Hospital Benefit.

Discovery will pay for healthcare services provided by any of the healthcare professionals represented in the palliative multidisciplinary team, according to a specific basket of care and the agreed individual member care plan.

How do I receive the benefit?

You need to be registered on the AIB by your doctor, who will fill out a form and submit it to Discovery.

Discovery will assess the application to see if you meet specific clinical criteria for entry into the program.

How different is this from Compassionate Care Benefit (CCB)?

The two benefits are very similar, except for two (major) differences:

  • The Compassionate Care Benefit has a limit, that varies according to your plan. To see your plan’s CCB benefit, find your plan’s full benefit’s here. (Note that if your condition falls under PMB criteria, this limit may be increased.
  • The Compassionate Care Benefit is specifically for non-cancer conditions