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Dr David Palmer


Chiropractor. Durban.

Focus areas: Natural chiropractic corrective and wellness care

Hospital Affiliations: Independent of hospitals

Cost and Payment information for consults:

Cost, 1st consult: R660 (approximate)
Payment options for consults: Patient pays upfront, claims from medical aid later
Contracted Medical Aids: n/a
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Contact details:

Phone: 0315629180
Address: 18 Burne Crescent, Glenashley, Durban
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More about Dr David Palmer

Dr David Palmer has always been interested in natural health. Watching his mother undergo chiropractic adjustments – and the amazing effects that followed – steered Dr Palmer into chiropractic care.

After 6 years of study, he moved to the UK to add to his qualification and further extend his knowledge. Dr Palmer passed the UK board exams and plunged into private practice, training and working closely with some highly-respected names in the industry.

“I became very interested in posture correction and helping people to not only feel better, but attain and maintain good health, through safe natural chiropractic corrective and wellness care.” – Dr David Palmer.

Dr Palmer is now busy in his Durban chiropractic clinic, helping families and individuals to achieve true health.

What patients have told us:

  • There is a digital x-ray machine on site

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