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Medical Aid South Africa costs

Discovery: Income-based plans

A list of Discovery Health plans whose premiums are determined by your income (the lower your income, the lower your premium)
Keycare Start Networkk Hospitals

Discovery Network Hospitals

A list of all hospitals that fall under Discovery Health networks
Keycare Start Networkk Hospitals

Discovery: Keycare Network full cover hospitals

Discovery Keycare network, full cover hospitals Listed below are the full cover network hospitals on the Discovery Keycare Core and Keycare Plus plans. There is a also a partial cover network. We also list all the other Discovery networks. Note that this list is subject to change at Discovery's discretion,...
Keycare Start Networkk Hospitals

Discovery: Smart Network hospitals

Discovery Smart network hospitals You must use the Smart network hospitals if you are on the Smart Classic or Smart Essential plan. You are covered in full these hospitals, in accordance with your health plan benefits. For planned admissions to any other private hospital, you must pay an upfront amount...
Medical aid plans

Discovery: All the 2020 medical aid plan prices

A full list of all plans offered by Discovery Health medical aid, together with individual costs as well as costs per family and all benefits.
Keycare Start Networkk Hospitals

Discovery Delta Network hospitals

A full list of all the hospitals in the Discovery Health network, and which plans require the use of these networks.

Discovery Chronic Condition coverage

Full list of all the chronic conditions covered by each of the Discovery Health plans, including information about PMBs and medicine formularies

Medical Aid FAQs