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You’ll get the printable guide as well as a weekly newsletter 🙂

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Thank you for your interest in working with rehealth. We have some preset offers below, but are always eager to explore other business opportunities.

To save time, please note that at this point we do not sell leads, participate in affiliate marketing, or endorse any product. We are happy to direct traffic to lead collection/landing pages forms off our site. Feel free to arbitrage that, if that’s your game 🙂 .

If you are in the health or insurance industry, please reach out to our founder, Eve (, who is always happy to discuss opportunities or industry gossip, whether in a formal meeting, online or over coffee.


  • We have 4 Healthcover Guides that are free to download and distribute. These include Guides to: Medical Aid, Gap Cover, Health Insurance and Pet Insurance. Every Guide includes a broker directory.
  • Advertisers can purchase Full Page ads in any or all of the guides.
  • Brokers can purchase a listing. Every listing appears in all the guides.
  • Guides get updated monthly, and deadlines for ads are fluid.
Cost R12,500 for Full Page per Guide
R995 per broker listing, for all Guides
Timeline: Your page will appear in the Guide for 12 months.
Updates: You can update/change your page at any time. R2,500/change.
Distribution: Expected 100,000 views. Note: the guides are designed to be freely distributed without registration (via downloads, Whatsapps and social media) so accurate views cannot be tracked. Our highest views happen at year-end review period.
Available to: Any advertiser

Website Advertising: Medical Schemes Package

  • The package includes a banner ad and sidebar ad on all the schemes’ plan pages.
  • The banner appears under all the Cost Tables. This is a good place to add contact numbers or links to sign up forms/lead generation.
  • The same banner ad is included at the bottom of the plan benefit pages.
  • The sidebar ad (300×250) lives permanently on the scheme’s plan pages
  • The sidebar ad also appears on a rotational basis on non-plan pages
  • Banners and side bar ads appear on site until 31 December 2024
  • Schemes can update banner and sidebar images once a month
Package: R15,000, once-off
Discounted to R7,500 if taken with Guide page, see above
Distribution: Scheme and month dependant. Our traffic spikes at end of year, and we help 100-150,000 unique visitors per year.

Website Advertising: Short Term Insurers

  • Display ads: a sidebar ad rotated throughout the site.
  • Advertorial: A minimum 800 word article written by our in-house team, that will live on the site for as long as information is applicable and accurate. Article is promoted throughout the site, and in the newsletter. If applicable, it will also be included in the relevant Guide for 12 months.
Sidebar ad: R3,500/m for 10,000 impressions
No charge for side bar ad if taken with Newsletter sponsorship (see below)
Advertorial: R12,500.

Newsletter Advertising

  • For paid advertising, we guarantee at least 5,000 opened emails. This is very different from “sent” emails…it is not uncommon for some newsletters to have less than 20% open rate.
  • If there are fewer than 5,000 opens for the Main or Medium ad, a medium sized ad will run again in the next newsletter. At this stage, this is likely.
  • We strongly suggest the ads are written in Eve’s voice, as it carries more credibility
  • We have a very high click-through rate for our newsletter, over 8%, which is much higher than industry average. This is for any click on the newsletter, not just ads, but it does mean that a compelling offer can expect higher-than-average engagement.
Main ad: Appears towards top of newsletter. Written ad, 100 words. Logo image.
Includes free sidebar website placement (see above)
Only one per newsletter
Medium ad: 50 words, plus logo.
Quick bite: 20 words, no logo. R500
Mentions: Free, at our discretion.

Broker Listings:

  • Appear in all Guides
  • Appear in website searchable directory (Starting July 2024)
  • Listing: R995 per broker.
  • More info and submission form here.

You’ll get the printable guide as well as a weekly newsletter 🙂
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